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  • What is high quality hotfix rhinestones?
    There are various quality classifications in flat back hot fix rhinestones, no matter what is called, Korean quality, top Chinese quality, China DMC, China AAAAA. Is there any stable and specific way of grading? Let me show you how our premium rhinestones are classified.
  • Appearance Characteristics of metal buttons
    The design of metal buttons is different from the pure art design such as carving, sculpture, painting, etc., it contains the form, pattern, color, material, practicality, durability, the production of mass industry and manufacturability.
  • Ultrasonic Nail Bead Machine Technical Parameters:
    Power supply Voltage: 220v/50-60hz Power consumption: 1200W Ultrasonic power consumption: 200W
  • Ultrasonic Nail Bead Machine
  • Characteristics of ultrasonic HOT drilling rig
    1.Automatic frequency tracking, overload protection device, stable quality; 2.Concentric straight shaft design, with the smallest back degree, horizontal vertical accuracy, effectively avoid damage to the diamond is now;
  • Hot Drilling Rig
    Ultrasonic drilling rig also known as ultrasonic nail rig/ultrasonic set rig/ultrasonic hot drawing machine/ultrasonic whole plate hot/VAMP hot drilling machine/hot drilling rig/nail drill/Set rig/hot map machine/diamond manual pasting machine,
  • Related machines for hot drilling
    Hot map transfer, will be hot or hot drilling transfer to the final product such as: clothing, the process of cloth, purse, leather shoes, etc.
  • Hot drilling of the product hot map
    Hot map, will be different shapes and colors of hot drilling, according to the actual needs of the pattern, is generally lined up in a layer of white on the grain of plastic, and then covered with a layer of transparent plastic film to do protection.
  • Quality Review of hot drilling
    The quality of hot drilling is determined from three aspects of brightness, cut, uniformity and glue fastness.
  • The development course of hot drilling
    The Swarovski Swarovski Hot diamond from the South Bank of the Austrian Rhine is the world's finest hot diamond, since it is also known as For the Austrian diamond.
  • Accessory Hot Drawing Tools Required
    Hot Drill Iron Use a dedicated hot-drilling iron, the same way as the above method process. For the hot drawing of large drill, it is necessary to press hot from the opposite side of the cloth.
  • How to make hot drilling
    Pressing machine, home iron or lighter: 1. Put the hot diamond pattern below a layer of white substrate with a grain, and then put the sticky drilling map sticky paper placed on the clothes you think the appropriate position, with the hand flattening, so that with the drilling of sticky paper glued to the clothes.