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Accessory Hot Drawing Tools Required
May 28, 2018

Hot Drill Iron Use a dedicated hot-drilling iron, the same way as the above method process.

For the hot drawing of large drill, it is necessary to press hot from the opposite side of the cloth.

Hot Drilling Device In need of hot drilling in the location of the mark, with a hot drilling device to a drill to suck up, hot in the mark position. This method can be used without prior use of hot paper to make a hot map, can be directly carried out.

It can also be in a non planar place, such as shoes, bags and the like. It can even be used for nails. You can also do nail diamond, mobile phone stick drill.

Lighter Prepare for hot drilling, lighters and tweezers.

Mark the place where a hot drill is needed; turn the hot drilling to the front, use the tweezers to put the hot drilling clip up, then use the fire machine to burn a little bit in the bottom of the rubber, the larger the drill the longer, until the glue melts, put the mark number of places;