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What is high quality hotfix rhinestones?
Nov 23, 2018

There are various quality classifications in flat back hot fix rhinestones, no matter what is called, Korean quality, top Chinese quality, China DMC, China AAAAA. Is there any easier, stable and specific way of grading? Let me show you how our premium rhinestones are classified. 

Artifical intelligence and vitual techs auto classification machine are used in our grading process, the rhinestones will be vitually recgnized  as below images before auto selecting started.

First class hotfix rhinestones are almost perfectly round in shape, no bubbles in the crystal like below.


 Second class hot fix rhinestones allows unobvious small quantity of bubbles, slightly crisp on the edges or slightly oval in shape.            

Small quantity of bubbles


Slight crisp

image image image

Slightly oval in shape

image image image

The following are the defective flat back hot fix rhinestones that have to be taken off in our auto inspection processes. 

No hotfix glue

image  image  image


image image  image

Oval shapes

image image   image


Bubbles that are visable by eyes

image image  image


image image image

Other defective


image image image