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Hot Drilling Rig
May 28, 2018

Ultrasonic drilling rig also known as ultrasonic nail rig/ultrasonic set rig/ultrasonic hot drawing machine/ultrasonic whole plate hot/VAMP hot drilling machine/hot drilling rig/nail drill/Set rig/hot map machine/diamond manual pasting machine, welding rig or hot plate welding machine, Force ultrasonic hot drilling Rig principle is the use of ultrasonic host output ultrasonic voltage signals, The piezoelectric transducer will convert the ultrasonic pressure signal into mechanical energy, and then promote the processing parts on the pasting surface of high-speed friction, workpiece friction generated heat quickly melting the contact surface of the glue, so that it is combined to achieve the purpose of pasting. Because the paste fittings and adhesive surface directly fused, so the paste structure is very strong, not easy to take off. Traditional hot-Pressing hot drilling, its bead firmness is not enough and easy to scald materials, leather material easily yellowing deformation, and can not be washed, easy to fall off, the division through continuous research, developed ultrasonic hot drilling rig, the machine using the principle of ultrasound, will be a large area of the diamond one-time fusion in the material, the surface is beautiful, Its firmness and efficiency are several times of the traditional method of operation.