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How to make hot drilling
May 28, 2018

Pressing machine, home iron or lighter: 

1. Put the hot diamond pattern below a layer of white substrate with a grain, and then put the sticky drilling map sticky paper placed on the clothes you think the appropriate position, with the hand flattening, so that with the drilling of sticky paper glued to the clothes.

[With a sticky side downward] 

2. The electric iron is transferred to a "cotton" (equivalent to 150 degrees), steam iron do not open steam or do not water, dry ironing on the line. Put the clothes on a flat surface, sometimes in order to iron more solid, you can put on the operating surface of a layer or two layers of towels. Press the iron pressure on the hot map, iron 13 seconds or so, if the hot figure is larger, the electric iron can not be covered once, repeated in the hot map on the mobile iron, so that the whole hot figure evenly heated.

Meanwhile, the ironing time is also extended correspondingly.

3. Ironing finished, such as hot drawing after cooling and then the surface that layer of sticky paper, a beautiful hot map on the operation completed. Note: Because most electric irons take steam, the iron is small holes affect the heat, so when ironing to move the iron back and forth, so that the heat evenly.