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The development course of hot drilling
May 28, 2018

The Swarovski Swarovski Hot diamond from the South Bank of the Austrian Rhine is the world's finest hot diamond, since it is also known as For the Austrian diamond.

The newest product is 14 slices. The Czech-made preciaosa in the Rhine is the second only to the Austrian diamond products, also known as the Czech diamond. The main difference is: the Austrian diamond using gray-green glue, and preciosa using a white rubber bottom.

More than 8-10 slices. In the early 90, South Korean companies began to mimic Swarovski's production of hot drilling, cutting surface to 8 of the main plane.

Although the quality can not be compared with the Austrian diamond, but its cheap prices so that the hot drilling really go into the garment accessories circle, which sunsco,unique and so is the outstanding manufacturer representative. At the beginning of this century, South Korea hot drilling began to enter the Chinese market, called the Korean drill. After three wood apparel, Oshichi apparel and other domestic enterprises began to produce hot drilling. Collectively known as domestic hot drilling, cut to 8-10 of the main. Since 2005, Zhejiang Pujiang Crystal Enterprises have turned to hot drilling production, time enterprises as many as thousands of companies.

Three Wu, Oshichi production of hot drilling known as AA hot drilling, Pujiang Enterprise products called a drill. 2008 years later, the product quality more differentiated, Pujiang Enterprises began to produce one-sided drilling, one-time drilling, there is no plane to say. The price is getting lower, and the quality falls seriously, make hot drill this product gradually lose market heat.

Mainly because the glue is not in prison. Oshichi began to turn to environmental protection lead-free hot drilling, imitation drilling, as well as DMC (DAOQ MACHINE Cut) drill, production of 12 sections.

And the first domestic manufacturers, such as three have been in the competition exit. To judge the quality of hot drilling, so to judge from many aspects.

The enterprise should order the hot drilling according to the quality requirement of its own order.

Because of the high cost of Austrian drilling, many users have chosen the Czech diamond, the quality of the Czech drill is slightly inferior to the Austrian drilling, but its price is only 2/3 of the Austrian diamond. Of course, for a large amount of clothing, if you think the Czech diamond expensive, you can also choose the Middle East drill.

The price of the Middle East drilling is 1/3, but the quality of the Middle East drilling is good, in the light, flashing the light of the body.

The second is the Korean drill, the price is generally half the Middle East drill. The majority of the market has been occupied. The Korean drill has basically disappeared from the market. But because of the price drop, imitation Middle East drilling quality also has a big decline.

Now the latest domestic Yax hot drilling with new materials of the crystal and the bottom of the glue, the quality has been greatly improved, if the brightness and firmness requirements, but also a good choice.