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Ultrasonic Nail Bead Machine
May 28, 2018

Ultrasonic Nail Bead Machine also known as ultrasonic nail rig/ultrasonic point rig/jewelry point rig/clothing point rig/jeans point rig/Wedding point rig/automatic nail bead machine/nail rig/ultrasonic setting rig/ultrasonic hot drawing machine/ultrasonic whole plate hot/shoe pastry drilling rig/nail drill/Set rig/hot drawing machine/diamond manual pasting machine/welding rig. Ultrasonic principle: Through the electronic circuit system of this machine converts the alternating current of 220v/50hz to 35KHZ alternating current, and then converts the vibration of mechanical energy by transducer. The principle of the Force ultrasonic Nail bead Machine is to first put the diamond pressure on the ultrasonic welding head, and then by the welding head to send out the vibration of the mechanical energy, pressure on the diamond above the following mechanical vibration after the hot melt adhesive melted, and eventually adhered to the cloth or leather material.