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Hot Drilling By Origin Classification
May 28, 2018

A: Korea hot drilling, B: Czech hot drilling, C: Austrian hot drilling, D: domestic hot drilling (acrylic hot drilling) and so on.

In addition to South Korea and domestic hot drilling and Austrian hot drilling and Czech hot drilling, these two kinds of diamond quality, in brightness, quality and other aspects unmatched, the quality can reach 100% of the qualified rate, but the price is high, applicable to watches, belts, purses, etc. to the number of diamonds required less high-end products.

A: Korea hot drilling High brightness, no variegated film, drill. Cutting surface or spherical surface uniformity, uniform color, defective rate in 0.5%-1%. The probability of degumming bottom is 0%-1%, no fading, high firmness.

The back is light green, 10 slices, containing about 5% lead, ironing temperature of about 120 degrees, comprehensive defective rate of 3%-5%, after many years of market verification, reliable quality, excellent washing fastness, pure color, cut even, low price, for the mainstream market products.

Taiwan Import Film

High brightness, no noise, cutting surface or spherical surface uniformity, uniform color uniformity, defective rate of 1%-3%, the probability of degumming at 0.5%-0.8%, no fade, high degree of firmness.

B: Domestic hot drilling (Acrylic hot drilling) Low brightness, there are variegated, cutting surface or spherical surface uneven, uneven color, defective rate of 3%-10%, the probability of degumming is 1%-5%, will fade, firm degree low. The back is dark green, 8-slice product, no lead, ironing temperature is 80 degrees.

Defective rate is very high, poor fastness, color has different shades of the phenomenon, because of its low price, occupy a certain market share, mainly used in mass production of clothing. Strictly speaking, acrylic is not a diamond, is a kind of between the plastic and glass products. Good brightness, good fastness, hot drilling temperature should not be too high, if more than 80 degrees, may lead to acrylic melt.

However, 2016 years a manufacturer developed a tempered acrylic, can withstand high temperature.

C: Austrian hot drilling

Abbreviation-Austrian drill, high brightness, no noise drilling, uniform cutting surface, uniform color, defective rate in 0.01%-0.02% The back gum is gray. There are 14-cut, 12-cut, 8-cut three kinds of products, 14-cut product color and specifications are relatively complete. Its material contains lead content of 30%, hot drilling temperature of 175 degrees, comprehensive defective rate of 3%-5%, excellent quality, solid and reliable, can withstand washing and dry cleaning.

But the price is high, is a non-mainstream market products.

B: Czech hot drilling

High brightness, no noise drilling, cutting surface uniformity, uniform color uniformity, defective rate in the 0.01%-0.02%-transparent hot drilling, warm yarn, elegant design, magnificent light, hot drilling and sweater common interpretation of the fashion. Back glue is transparent color, have bubble.

For 8 slices of products, containing lead for 25%, ironing temperature of 140 degrees, comprehensive defective rate of 3%-5%, high quality, price is second only to the Austrian diamond, is the mainstream market products.

The amount of lead determines the brightness of hot drilling, but the amount of lead is not the higher the better, the scientific experiment, when the content of more than 30% lead, its brightness is the best, unleaded products are the least brightness.