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  • Hot Drilling Is Classified According To Texture
    A: Crystal hot drilling, B: glass hot drilling. C: Aluminum octagonal hot drilling. Encoding method Basic code R
  • Hot Drilling By Origin Classification
    A: Korea hot drilling, B: Czech hot drilling, C: Austrian hot drilling, D: domestic hot drilling (acrylic hot drilling) and so on.
  • The Classification Of Rhinestones
    1, Color classification White diamond, color drilling (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), color drilling (also known as AB drill), color AB drilling (such as Red AB, Blue AB, etc.). 2, Shape classifica
  • Cubic Zirconia Rhinestones
    Cubic zirconia (ie "Soviet diamond"), which was first introduced by the former Soviet Union, the most ideal diamond substitutes or pseudo products, is man-made compounds, no natural minerals.
  • Zircon Rhinestones
    Zircon is the best diamond substitute before the advent of man-made cubic zirconia. Zircon has a strong birefringence, that is, it has two refractive index,
  • Crystal And Topaz
    The transparent crystals of these two natural minerals, after being refined, are similar to diamonds, but lack the brilliance of diamonds.
  • Artificial Sapphire
    Colorless and transparent artificial sapphire can also be used as a substitute for diamonds after pondering.
  • Synthetic Spinel
    It lacks a diamond-colored glow, which is submerged in iodine methane, and its contours are blurred.
  • Glass Rhinestones
    The fake diamond made of glass is very easy to distinguish, because its refractive index is low, there is no real diamond that flashing color light,
  • The Morphological Characteristics Of Rhinestones
    Rhinestones according to the shape of the bottom can be divided into two types of sharp bottom drilling and drilling, according to the table shape classification can be divided into: ordinary drilling
  • Be The Top China One-stop Reliable Trimmings Supply
    Rhinestones (Crystal,rhinestone) is also known as Crystal Diamonds, Rhine stone. The main ingredient is crystal glass, is the artificial crystal glass cutting into a diamond stone surface to get a pie